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¡¡¡¡Guangzhou Huayan Precision Machinery Co.,Ltd, is specialized in manufacturing of PET/PP preform moulds and preform injection systems, which serves a wide range of PET packaging applications in beverages, edible oil, food, pharmaceutics and cosmetics etc.
The Company is located in the Eastern area of Guangzhou Economy & Technology Development Zone. It enjoys about 400 talented employees and high-standard ……
¡¤ Zhu Hai Zhongfu Group
¡¤ Xia Men Yinlu Group Co,
¡¤ Shanghai Zijiang Group
¡¤ Beijing Huiyuan Beverage
¡¤ Fujian Dali Group
¡¤ DANONE Robust Group(Chin
¡¤ Nongfushanquan Co.,Ltd
¡¤ He Nan JoToYa Co, Ltd
Address: No.6£¬Chuangli Rd£¬Xintang Town£¬Zengcheng District £¬Guangzhou,P.R.of China
Guangzhou Huayan Precision Machinery Co.,Ltd.
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